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Smart Cleaning PK Case Study

Smart Cleaning PK Case Study

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Project Overview

This eCommerce company specializes in giving cleaning services to hospitals, schools, offices, and government buildings. The company’s goal is to make the cleaning more convenient and help the people at the lowest cost.

The client reached out to RankGrabby to design and manage its cleaning website optimization to boost its eCommerce sales organically. Since taking over the company’s online marketing campaign in January 2023, we transformed its online business from sporadic to steady sales.

Our digital marketing team has delivered a whopping 73 percent increase in conversion rate and 113 percent increase in revenue year-over-year (YOY).

Executing the Strategy


The client came to Rankgrabby because its outdated eCommerce website was gaining little to no online presence, traffic, or sales. Our initial conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit revealed that this company needs a lot of improvements.

The company also didn’t have an existing digital advertising strategy. With a small initial budget from the client and high expectations, we had to direct our marketing efforts to solutions that drive initial performance.


Our digital marketing experts performed a comprehensive competitor Website audit and analysis to determine the right direction for the client’s site design & optimization.

Website Designing & Development

By partnering with RankGrabby for a comprehensive website design overhaul, our client experienced a significant transformation in their online presence and business performance. The newly redesigned website not only enhanced its brand image but also facilitated smoother user navigation and engagement.

As a result, our client saw a noticeable increase in website traffic, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction. With a more user-friendly interface and intuitive design elements, visitors were able to easily access relevant information and navigate through the site seamlessly. This successful collaboration with RankGrabby not only strengthened our client’s online presence but also contributed to their business growth and success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO solutions revolved around technical site optimizations and product page updates. We aligned our SEO strategy with the client’s goals and began optimizing the highest-priority product pages to ensure we were working in order of the highest impact.

Initially, we performed extensive keyword research and mapping to determine high-performing, relevant search terms for each product page. After finalizing the keyword list, we updated the product titles and descriptions to be more search-friendly and keyword-rich. We also reviewed interlinking and keyword density and created new blog content to drive more traffic to the website and establish the client’s thought-leadership brand.

Additionally, our SEO experts helped build up the client’s profile with quality backlinks to boost the website’s SEO performance and rank high in relevant search results.

RankGrabby’s ongoing digital marketing campaigns are centered on creating and implementing new strategies for sustainable sales and revenue growth.