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Project Overview



In comparing data from January 1st, 2023 to January 31st, 2024 vs. the same timeframe in the previous year, Softlay Network experienced drastic results from their digital marketing efforts. In one year, they saw increases in several critical areas, such as:

  • +201.66% increase in website visitors.
  • +630.27% increase in organic search traffic.
  • +124.32% increase in conversions.
  • +70.24% increase in Revenue.

Softlay Network and RankGrabby continue to partner to develop targeted digital marketing strategies to achieve even greater business goals and greater ROI.

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The Strategy

Softlay Network wanted to improve its search rankings to gain more traffic through better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), custom content & social media reach to increase revenue through Google Adsence and other networks. Moreover, they also want to grow their social media platforms. RankGrabby partnered with Softlay Network to help develop a successful digital marketing strategy. The SEO Strategists at RankGrabby chose the following proven ways to help increase web traffic:

The Execution

RankGrabby’s digital marketing experts audited Softlay Network’s current website and identified key areas of opportunity. RankGrabby’s skilled SEO team developed and implemented several critical optimization components that helped meet and exceed projected goals, including:

  • Optimized their current website using high-volume keywords and ranked on 1st page of Google on multiple keywords like “Windows 7 ISO Download“, and “Google PlayStore Download For PC“.
  • Optimized metadata, images, tags, and body content.
  • Converted their website to WordPress for a better user experience.
  • Produced new content for their website.
  • Optimized their site to help them rank better.
  • Utilized guest bloggers and subject matter experts to help drive traffic to their site.
  • Updated the company blog and continued to provide fresh, relevant content.


Rankgrabby’s SEO team ran a comprehensive website audit to identify actionable items that will keep the company’s marketing strategy on track. The results of the site audit revealed the following issues:

  • 95 title tags that were too long
  • 146 title tags that were below the character limit
  • 203 pages with missing H1 tags
  • 415 pages with missing meta descriptions
  • 389 images with missing ALT text and Alt Attributes

Using this data, its SEO specialists implemented growth-driven local SEO strategies centered on increasing the client’s search engine ranking score. These involved:

On/Off Page SEO

  • Title and heading tag optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Keyword targeting
  • Mobile search optimization
  • Site speed optimization
  • Backlink building

Technical SEO

  • Core web vital optimization
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Local citation management

Social Media Marketing

Softlay wants to increase its Facebook page growth organically and we help them reach the targeted audience by posting pictures that engage the audience. Increase the followers by +270%. Here we have listed the pain points that we used in organic social media marketing;

  • Creating more dialogue with audience members who engage with the brand
  • Engagement monitoring
  • Crafting new content that specifically targets new geographic markets
  • Continued follower growth efforts
  • Creating engaging, sharable content
  • Capturing and leveraging the benefits of positive consumer product reviews
  • Leveraging video content

Now they are a family of 231K followers on their Facebook page.

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